Damar Batu (Hard resin and Oleoresin)

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Sack bag containing 50kg.
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       And the resin is a kind of forest is a little slurry (liquid) to flow from different parts of the tree such as bark or wood also. And not caused by the tires. "Aromatherapy" (Volatile oil or
Essential oil), which has a unique flavor that evaporates when exposed to air. Liquid Rubber is a substance.
Gradually hardened into cubes or sticks (solid) called "slope" (Hard resin) the thread called "Riding C." If slurry flow to be characterized as a slurry (liquid) in the slurry are known. that "rubber" or "half rubber cement.

I commemorated the layers.
        Forest, mainly rubber plant family (Family: DIPTEROCARPACEAE) is an insect pest of
Insects in the forest, especially choline Oppenheimer Terra (Order: COLEOPTERA) include those beetles and insect wings.
Solid (beetles), these beetles bore the bark of the fresh wood with holes eaten into the core area of ​​the limb.
Wooden trunk or cause long incision scar deep hole into the path of the sun to eat plant secretions antidote.
Or latex, designed to cover and protect the wound tissue to be destroyed. The beetles can not eat the wood further.
I e liquid latex, when exposed to air will immediately become thick and stiff me ride series. Liquid latex generations.
Water flows out of hard rubber mask increases, causing a long pointed rod sticking out of the branches, or prolapse.
Stem excess can not bet on the island would fall to the forest floor as a yellow stain on the stone.

       Most locals will keep me ride commemorated throughout the year due to insoluble. If it is low, it is a broken hand. If it is higher up.
I used a long pole (I can not) knocked down a kids movie like roller bars firing tick falling due to the brittle and break easily.
It will then put bags and hemp. Collected on different days 2-10 kg middleman to purchase a home.
A part of the family. Thailand sent Sun (Gum dammar) sold to a foreign country in 2544.
Up to 2,700 tons, worth over 46 million baht


Damar Batu
Damar Batu is petrified natural resin of ancient shorean trees. It is much harder than other resins. It has brown and black colors with various sizes (from 1 cm to 20 cm).
It has been preserved and can be found in the ground /earths surface in the jungles of Laos, Burma and Indonesia.

Analysis Report :
Ash content 4%-5%
Loss on drying 8.82%
Insoluble matter in Toulene 4.365
Soulble matter in Toulene 95.64%
Melting point 170 Degree centigrade
Bulk density 0.4514 g/ml

Usage :
Damar Batu is applied traditionally by the fishers as wood boat putty by way of mixing with kerosene. It has also been used for incense because it can give pleasant odour when burnt or heated. Nowadays, it is also being used in the manufacture of paints, putty, varnish/shellac.  Apply grout cleaners used boats made of wood varnish. Car paint mixing. Astringent and cure diarrhea.